Your Music For Our Ears

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We are open for anyone who needs help to record, produce and release their creative freedom and pride.

Sounds good - contact us whenever you feel like it - no strings attached!

Artists with Us

There is no hiding that Jon likes music - and he likes multiple styles.

Just check out his EP release from end of July 2020 - which would be your favorite? 

In the meantime there is more mini gigs online and in local pubs and bars.

Jon Lightfield

Myles Walker

Jon Lightfield single - Home
Myles on Spotify

Myles is on all digital stores - out now!

A song he wanted to a a touch of country feel to it - I think we got there mate.

Congratulations on you're first ever release!

Contact us

If you like to get in touch with us - the below is the best option - if you like to send a demo in - please use our email: