Your Music For Our Ears

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We are open for anyone who needs help to record, produce and release their creative freedom and pride.

Sounds good - contact us whenever you feel like it - no strings attached!

Artists with Us

There is no hiding that Jon likes music - and he likes multiple styles.

We like that he never stops writing and one day his song will be picked for someone or somthing. 

In the meantime there is more mini gigs online and local pubs and bars.

Jon Lightfield

Myles Walker

Jon Lightfield single - Home
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Myles is getting ready for  his release debut for an EP - not sure if we are more excited about it or not.

In these times waiting has become the new norm - but we might not have to wait to long... 

Contact us

If you like to get in touch with us - the below is the best option - if you like to send a demo in - please use our email: